JA Weapons Seminars @ Nikko Jujitsu School

On 16 Feb 2019 Nikko Jujitsu School in conjunction with JUJITSU AMERICA Presented a Weapons Seminar featuring the arts of Escrima – Kali – Arnis. 

Seminars by Grand Masters of their respected arts, included:

  • Grandmaster Arthur Gonzales
  • Guru Terry Joven
  • Guru Jon Ward
  • Grandmaster Mike Replogle

Plus other very important instructors in the arts a weapon training. All were welcome to participate, including children and adults of all skill levels, JA members and non-members 



Bi-annual Danzan Ryu Ohana 2018 – June 1, 2, 3, at the Nugget Casino Resort – Sparks, Nevada

Maha Guro Mike Replogle appeared and taught as a special guest instructor, sharing American Arnis principles and philosophies.

Guro Mike covered applications of Filipino Arnis stick fighting techniques to weapons defense, stick disarms, arm locks and basic throws. And also addressed weapon disarms, grappling, joint locks as well as empty-hand applications and the exploration of angles of attack and defense, passing techniques and instinctive sensitivity training.

Mike Replogle - RIcky Bunch 2

Mike Replogle - Mark Tuttle

Mike Replogle - solo baston

Mike Replogle - Ricky Bunch 7











In Reno/Sparks, Nevada. This bi-annual event is the largest event of its kind in the world with over 100,000 square feet of convention space having 12 specific activity rooms and over 100 events consisting of training clinics, tournaments and demonstrations. In attendance will be some of the finest most respected martial artists and instructors in the world.

Location:  Nugget Casino Resort, 100 Nugget Avenue, Sparks, NV 89431





The flexibility of modern arnis has allowed it to be adapted to the styles and needs of American martial artists, thus creating a new system referred to as “American arnis.”

“American arnis did not develop overnight. It came about as a result of years of observation and teaching experience, and the student’s need for a structure of basics which would allow for a solid foundation, yet with the freedom to expand and develop one’s own abilities and assets into a per­sonal “flow.”

The evolution of arnis has followed a long and torturous path: from the ancestors of Lapu Lapu, through the Spanish conquerors, to present-day America. Through it all, arnis has survived. The introduction of modern arnis to America was yet another link along the style’s long chain of growth, and the inevitable has come to pass. Arnis has adapted and conquered in this country. We now see the result emerging upon the martial arts world -American arnis.”
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Campus Gun Defense Training

Cal State Los Angeles – Feb 20th, 2018

American Arnis Master instructor David Riggs presented Gun Defense Training, to select students at California State University, with lecture, instruction and hands-on exercises.

Headlines throughout the country have focused on the dangers of guns on campuses. But beyond state and national reforms, a real need exists for students.Recent events have made a lot of students scared to be on campus.

“My goal is to shake off fear –To Empower college and high school students in the face of national concerns over gun safety.”
David Riggs, Master instructor American Arnis

Despite the seriousness of the topic, the program was led in a light and friendly manner intended to demystify and empower people with little or no experience to make better choices if ever faced with a real-life threat.The program was clear and easy to understand with student participation throughout. Hands-on exercises allowed each participant to evade, immobilize and/or disarm the weapon and counter with simple direct force until help became available…

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