The broader awareness of the benefits of Modern Arnis also fueled a desire in many American students to concentrate on Arnis training. However, the seminar format by nature was not well suited to deeper training, and with the exception of private instruction one-on-one with the Professor himself (and the obvious limitation in time and access that this presented), the in-depth training was not widely available. Even the goal of training more instructors through the IAF Training Camps was not sufficient to provide inexperienced students of the martial arts with basics that were assumed to be there to support their training in Modern Arnis.

Recognizing the need to be able to deliver more in-depth training curriculum to new and inexperienced martial arts students, two of Presas’ foremost students, Grandmaster Mike Replogle and Grandmaster Jeff Arnold (both of whom notably contributed significantly to the rise of Modern Arnis in its’ early years), sought a solution. Both were owners of their own hybrid dojo teaching Karate and Modern Arnis schools in separate classes. Both were personal students of Professor Presas with many hours of one-on-one training between them.

Replogle and Arnold discussed their need for a daily training system with the Professor who replied in in his typical way, saying “you do that”.

So Replogle and Arnold proceeded to cobble together a unified teaching system which basically integrated Tae Kwon Do and Arnis into a single curriculum. To avoid any confusion with the Modern Arnis seminar system as taught by the mentor Professor Presas, they gave  their new integrated approach a new name.

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