American Arnis instructors follow and complete a specific training program in the approaches and standards of learning as outlined by the American Arnis Association.  All instructors must be able to adapt the teaching regimen to elicit improvement from their students, and this is emphasized in American Arnis Instructor training.

American Arnis Master Instructors hold a 4th degree black belt and have completed the Master Instructor training requirements, including specific application of the training methods, drills, techniques and teaching time requirements of the American Arnis Association.

 “The true measure of a teacher is the ability of their students”- GM/Founder Mike Replogle 


American Arnis training is available through the auspices of the American Arnis Association in multiple formats including:

  • private instruction
  • workshops and seminars
  • Affiliate schools

and online training platforms including:

  • webcasts
  • skype
  • google hangout

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