AMERICAN ARNIS: THE EVOLUTION OF AN ART -The flexibility of modern arnis has allowed it to be adapted to the styles and needs of American martial artists, thus creating a new system referred to as “American arnis.”



“American arnis did not develop overnight. It came about as a result of years of observation and teaching experience, and the student’s need for a structure of basics which would allow for a solid foundation, yet with the freedom to expand and develop one’s own abilities and assets into a per­sonal “flow.”

The similarities between American aris and karate become readily apparent...
The similarities between American arnis and karate become readily apparent when one views the basic blocks and stances of each system. Jeff Arnold (left), armed with an arnis stick, and Michael Replogle, using the empty-hand moves of karate, illustrate this comparison with a back stance and inward block (1); back stance and cross block (2); back stance and umbrella block (3); forward stance and low block (4); and a front stance and inward block (5)
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Mike Replogle, Remy Presas & Bruce Juchnik

The evolution of arnis has followed a long and torturous path: from the ancestors of Lapu Lapu, through the Spanish conquerors, to present-day America. Through it all, arnis has survived. The introduction of modern arnis to America was yet another link along the style’s long chain of growth, and the inevitable has come to pass. Arnis has adapted and conquered in this country. We now see the result emerging upon the martial arts world -American arnis.”

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Arnold demonstrates how arnis can be used for throwing. He squares off with Replogle (1), and as his foe strikes (2), Arnold blocks it (3) with his stick and grabs Replogle’s wrist (A). Pulling Replogle forward, he strikes his midsection with the stick (5). Arnold then maneuvers the stick behind his stunned foe’s head (6) and, pushing on the stick while pulling on the arm, flips Replogle over (7) and leaves him sprawling helplessly on the ground (8). —————————————————————————– Arnold squares off (1) to show how the same throw as above can be executed in karate. As his stick-wielding foe strikes (2), Arnold blocks (3) and grabs his wrist (4), yanking him forward as he punches the midsection (5) Arnold reaches behind Replogle’s neck (6) and, still grasping the arm, achieves the necessary leverage for the throw (7). A fist to the face is a nice final touch (8).








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Arnis disarms can also be easily incorporated into one’s karate. Using a stick, Replogle faces off (1) and blocks a strike to his midsection (2). He grabs Arnold’s stick as he slides his own under his foe’s arm (3), forcing him to relinquish control of the stick (4). _____________________________ Without a stick, Replogle performs the identical disarm as above. Squaring off (1), he blocks a stick strike to his midsection (2). Grabbing the stick (3), he places his hand under Arnold’s wrist and forces his pained opponent to release the weapon (4).










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