AMAZING ARNIS: KICKING AND THE STICK- In one·on·one situations, low kicks, as taught by arnis, can be life·saving techniques against any foe

Excerpt: Karate-Illustrated-March-1985-Vol-16-No-3-Amazing-Arnis-Kicking-and-the-Stick_Mike-Replogle

“Arnis, being a stick-oriented art, develops excellent coordination with the hands and an understanding of body positioning difficult to attain without the study of weapons. The
same movements translated to the empty hand become a powerful self defense system.

Kicking and foot techniques are one of the least-known aspects of arnis. Often eclipsed by the uniqueness of the stick, the feet are usually studied for stances and footwork, not so much as weapons. Yet foot techniques are an integral part of a complete system of arnis, and the unique aspects of stick fighting make for a fine kicking art, too.”

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“Amazing Arnis, Kicking and the Stick” by Mike Replogle, Karate Illustrated March 1985 Vol 16 No 3