Methods & Curriculum

The American Arnis curriculum uses modern insights and advances in educational practice, scientific methods and research to accelerate and improve learning outcomes for AA students pursuing a complete education in the martial arts. Both classical and eclectic students benefit from the expanded knowledge base and technical proficiency provided by American Arnis.

Instruction is primarily a traditional classroom rank structure, promoting impulse control through self-regulation as has been proven via numerous studies to develop a student’s mental/emotional faculties including the ability to focus, increase in self confidence, self esteem and compassion while simultaneously developing physical strength, flexibility and agility.

American Arnis uses this balanced “gradient learning structure” for each grade and rank. Each AA learning level introduces new concepts and simple movement sequences that are then applied across each of the three learning colleges of Kali, Sikaran, and Dumog. In most contemporary training systems the mastery of any one of these colleges would be equivalent to a black belt rank, while in AA the fundamental mastery of all three colleges defines the level of American Arnis Black Belt.

Students of other styles

American Arnis is chosen by many martial artists as a supplement to their traditional martial arts training. Whereas a judoka has deep knowledge and mastery of their combative grappling style, their training may not have ever dealt with weapon defense or kicking as a threat. The American Arnis system helps round out these individuals’ educations while validating their existing rank. With moderate supplemental training, the black belt in a grappling art can quickly get up to speed with the American Arnis curriculum in the grappling division, and then continue their education in the other two colleges.


American Arnis training is available through the auspices of the American Arnis Association in multiple formats including:

  • private instruction
  • workshops and seminars
  • Affiliate schools

and online training platforms including:

  • webcasts
  • skype
  • google hangout


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