The American Arnis Association is the membership organization of practitioners and instructors of the American Arnis training system.

As an organization the Association is responsible for American Arnis:

  • Membership registration
  • Technical specifications
  • Standards of learning
  • Rank testing
  • Rank certification
  • Instructor training
  • Instructor certification

MEMBERSHIP. Established in 1983, American Arnis serves knowledge-seekers that wish to explore the ranges of the martial disciplines. American Arnis Association Members include individuals, affiliated schools, and dedicated American Arnis schools.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. The standards of training techniques, drills, and the gradient-learning progression applied to training in the rank-by-rank progression are set by the Association.

LEARNING STANDARDS. American Arnis training developed in the early 1980’s as an integration of empty hand & kicking systems with the rattan stick techniques of Arnis, presented in a format understandable and reasonable for American students (see History for more information). Applying this effective american-style of learning standards and teaching processes to the methods of Arnis leads to the ability to utilize all of one’s assets in a free-form application.

CERTIFICATION. The Association sets the standards for testing and all rank and/or instructor certifications, and issues all America Arnis rank and instructor certificates.