Excerpt: Karate-Illustrated-September-1983-Vol.-14-No.-9-Trapping-Hands-and-the-Art-of-Arnis-by-Mike-Replogle

“The use of a rattan cane (approximately 26-lnches In length) can greatly enhance the learning process and give the student the concept of the flow of a technique very quickly. The length of the cane Is such that it is very manageable for the student and not at all unwieldly. Yet the stick is an extension of the hand, and therefore each movement and action of the hand is magnified and exaggerated by the greater motion required by the stick. Since the motion of the stick is so much larger than that of the empty hand, the student is that much more able to perceive the points of the technique and correct these more visible Inadequacies. By smoothing out the flow of the stick, the empty-hand technique itself is perfected.”

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“Trapping Hands and the Art of Arnis”, by Mike Replogle- Karate Illustrated September 1983 Vol. 14, No. 9