“The Modern Ninja Woman”

By Mike Replogle
The women of ninjutsu assume their rightful place in the art.



The American career woman.Fighting-Stars-Ninja-February-1986-VOL.-XIII-NO.-1-The-Modern-Ninja-Woman-by-Mike-Replogle

With inflation spiraling upward and the growing predominance of two-income families, she finds it’s no longer enough to be a mother of two, with a daughter attending college in Paris and a 16-year-old son at home. Now she also sells computer software, and does very well, thank you. She works hard, and successfully competes in a “man’s world.”

So where does the “American woman” spend her free time? Where does she play, relax, vacation? The Bahamas? Mexico? Hawaii?

Try Ohio.

Fighting Stars Ninja February 1986 VOL. XIII, NO. 1 The Modern Ninja Woman by Mike Replogle-Pg35 This particular American woman packs her heels, workout clothes, gym shoes and makeup, makes sure the neighbor kid will water the plants and feed the dog, and spends a week sweating, rolling, punching, throwing, dodging and generally having fun in the Ohio countryside learning and practicing the warrior art of ninjutsu from Stephen K. Hayes.”


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“The Modern Ninja Woman”, by Mike Replogle- Fighting Stars Ninja February 1986 VOL. XIII, NO. 1