Mike Replogle

American Arnis GM Mike Replogle has traveled extensively, presenting seminars for a variety of groups ranging from FBI training instructors in Minnesota, police departments in West Virginia, and featured workshops at the University of Indiana… to traditional martial arts schools in Indiana, Tennessee & Kentucky, to Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico and California.

American Arnis Founder Mike Replogle
American Arnis Founder Mike Replogle

Replogle has shared the stage with a wide range a martial arts greats including among others Remy Presas, Ed Parker, Eric Lee, Billy Blanks, Tadashi Yamashita, Ted Tabura, Barry Moyer, Jeff Arnold, Lee Wedlake, Don Wrobel, Ernie Reyes, Sr., Ernie Reyes Jr., Ronald Duncan, Ali Abdul-Karim Hanshi, Aaron Banks, Willie Cahill, and Richard Bunch.

After many miles and countless workshops sharing the synergistic aspects of American Arnis with martial artists, educators and law enforcement, Replogle has concentrated his teaching on selected workshops and private instruction.

Also a published author, Mike Replogle has written and appeared in many articles for various martial arts publications, including:

“Modern Arnis- Simply Effective”
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Black Belt 81 Yearbook 1981
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