Both Sr. Master Riggs and GM Replogle have continued training and teaching on a private basis, and American Arnis has continued to evolve and advance, becoming an accelerated learning platform. American Arnis students develop a personal expression of the martial arts through interactive drills and activities that support individuality over classical ritualistic postures.

Throughout the United States there are rising disciplinary challenges, most often typified by childhood issues including bullying, lack of self regulation, low self esteem, and symptoms associated with attention deficit disorder. Numerous studies have shown that a ranked social structure has been effective in combating these issues and developing a healthier, more engaged youth.

Recognizing this benefit of martial arts training, Riggs and Replogle have structured the American Arnis system to optimally address these contemporary issues in an accessible and engaging learning structure including a game-based learning program, with training routines that allow children, parents and teachers to better understand the issues confronting them in childhood development.