In 1521, the great explorer Magellan became the first man in modern history to circumnavigate the globe, but he did not return to Portugal alive. Instead, he met his end at the hands of the Filipino chieftain named Lapu Lapu and his warriors as they beat back the explorers’ landing, fighting savagely and effectively for their islands and using only fire·hardened sticks and primitive blades against European sword and armor.

Throughout history, the exploits of Filipino warriors have created legends that reverberate even today.

In Spain, a legend of an evil witch and her cauldron is used to frighten children, while slain Morro warriors are pieced back together to fight again and again… even the vaunted U.S. Marines took their nickname ‘leatherneck’  from the collars they were given to protect their throats from Filipino steel in combat.

Songs were written about the dreaded Philippines, and It’s famously said that the 45 automatic pistol with its awesome stopping-power was issued as a defense for US officers in the field because the ferocious Filipino warriors could not be halted by normal handguns… truly a testament to the abilities of the Filipino’s fighting abilities and resolve.

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