Modern Arnis under the dynamic direction of Professor Remy Presas gained momentum, and a host of new and enthusiastic students of all ranks and styles were hosting seminar training with the Professor. Even though Presas was travelling nearly constantly, he could only reach a limited number of people and the stress and rigors of the road were weighing on his health.

In early 1982, recognizing the limitations being created by the expansion and rapid growth of Modern Arnis, Mike Replogle suggested to Professor Presas the idea of hosting a innovatively new and intensive Modern Arnis training session, of a duration long enough to truly qualify its’ graduates to be certified as a Basic Modern Arnis  Instructor.

Replogle’s concept was that by doing this, the Professor could reach more core students more effectively and then build upon those new certified instructors to expand the depth of Modern Arnis training available nationally, and reduce the time limitations and travel stress put upon the Professor.

Instead of holding the usual 1 or 2 day training workshops that were the mainstay of Modern Arnis training until that point, this instructor certification training would be an intensive, all-day, week-long workshop that would immerse the attendees into Modern Arnis training directly with the Founder.

After some discussion, the concept evolved into a format of two, week-long Basic Instructor training sessions that would be hosted at a facility in West Virginia. Additionally, a select few attendees would train both weeks and earn an Advanced Modern Arnis Instructor certification.

In his typical fashion, the Professor said to Replogle, “You do that”…

and the historic inaugural Remy A Presas Summer Camp was scheduled for 1983 in the mountains of West Virginia.

The International Arnis Federation (IAF) was the governing body for the certification of Modern Arnis students and instructors in the United States.  From 1981 through 1984 the IAF headquarters were located at Mike Replogle’s school in Hollywood, CA and Replogle managed the records and certification of new students, instructors, black belts and other rankings- co-signing rank certifications with Professor Presas during those years.

Under the auspices of the International Arnis Federation, Replogle also handled the promotion and marketing for the 1983 Remy A. Presas Summer Training Camp. As a part of that workshop program Replogle commissioned artwork for a new IAF logo, trademarked the IAF name and logo for the registration folder for the Camp, and thus was created the logo for the International Arnis Federation.

The headquarters were formally listed at Replogle’s school in Hollywood, California within martial art publications, including the original printing of Professor Presa’s first US book, “Modern Arnis, the Filipino Art of Stick Fighting” as published by Ohara Publications in 1983.


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